Vibro Energy – Grinding Mills | Sepor, Inc
Catalog Number Description Shipping Weight Ship Volume
010E-170 M-18-5, 1-5 pints capacity 250 Lbs 27 CuFt
010E-171 M-18, 2.6 gallon capacity 250 Lbs 27 CuFt
010E-173 DM-1, 1.3 gallon capacity 230 Lbs, 27 CuFt
010E-172 M-45, 27 gallon capacity 2,200 Lbs. 150 CuFt
010E-174 DM-3, 4 gallon capacity 500 Lbs. 80 CuFt
010E-175 DM-10, 13 gallon capacity 1,100 Lbs. 125 CuFt

Vibro Energy – Grinding Mills

Three dimensional vibration.

Available with various chamber linings of stainless steel, ceramic, and abrasion-resistant elastomer.

The dry grind units have thick cast polyurethane linings.

Wet or wet/dry models available.

Volumes range from 0.5L to 690L

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (capacity 1.5 pints to 27 gallons)