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Sepor Stainless Steel Batch Ball Mill

The Sepor Batch Ball Mills are constructed of 304 stainless steel (wetted parts), with structural steel frame and support structure. The rugged forged steel trunnions with hubs provide support for the shaft and give structural support for the mill ends. The mill is machined to provide a true alignment of the mill. The heavy duty running in oil gear reducers and chain drive will provide years of operation with minimal maintenance. The stands are constructed of structural steel with foot plates located on the four stand leg bottoms. Heavy duty, self aligning bearings are used to insure years of properly aligned mill operation. The cover on the batch ball mills is held in place by means of easy to remove hand lugs. For discharging, simply remove the cover, place the media retainer screen in its place, and rotate the mill to the discharge position. A jog switch is provided for bumping the mill into position, or to dislodge material during discharge.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (8 x 24, volume 0.7 CuFt) (15 x 21, volume 2.1 CuFt) (24 x 36, volume 9.4 CuFt)



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