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Portable Cyclone Test Assembly

Standard Classifying Cyclones are manufactured with sectionalized metal housings fitted with replaceable molded liners of abrasion resistant elastomers, ceramics or alloys. A combination of high density gum rubber and ceramic liners is commonly used for metallurgical applications.

These cyclones feature involuted feed entry into the cyclone, which minimizes turbulence due to feed entering the cyclone. This allows these cyclones to make a finer particle size separation then would be possible with a tangential feed entry cyclone. Pictured are the classifying cyclones we use on pilot plant applications and the cyclone test rig.

050K-001 • 050K-002 • 050K-004

080B-010 | Optional 1725 RPM mixer for sump

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (Cyclone Test Rigs • 050K-001)




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