Gyratory Sieve Shaker | Sepor, Inc

Gyratory Sieve Shaker


Operates with Combs gyratory action.

Smooth and noiseless.

HL-8 accommodates up top half height 8″ diameter sieves.

Used for batch sieving and supplied with tappers.

Can be mounted on an overhead support.


When mounted on an overhead support, this shaker operates with the renowned combs gyratory action, which is smooth and noiseless. Its motion allows the particles to approach, pass through or roll over the sieve openings from every possible angle, thus giving an accurate test. The HL-8 accommodates up to 16 half height 8″ Dia. sieves. This machine is often used for batch sieving by assembling the desired screen over the lower frame opening. Supplied with tappers which may or may not be used on fine sieves according to preference. 1/6HP,900RPM, 110-220v/1ph/60hz.