Fritsch Pulverisette | Sepor, Inc

Fritsch Pulverisette

  • Motorized mortar and pestle used for micro-milling.
  • Free turning pestle, flexible scraper, and sealed grinding chamber for dust-proof, loss-free processing.
  • Complete with safety viewing cover.
  • Useful capacity: 190ml. Speed: 80 RPM.

PULVERISETTE II TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (volume to 190 ml, feed size 6-8mm to 10μ)


  • Planetary motion, wet/dry batch wise grinding of -10mm to less than l μ.
  • Up to 4 bowls of 250 or 500 ml each.
  • Bowls with covers are 500, 250, and 80 ml volume; balls are 10, 20, 30, and 40 mm diameter.
  • Available in a wide variety of materials, Agate is standard.
  • Economy models available.

PULVERISETTE V TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (250 to 500ml containers, material volume to 900ml)


  • Electromagnetic-powered mortar generates vertical oscillations to a single grinding ball.
  • Grinding forces can be controlled, with built in timer, to enable very reproducible results.
  • Volumes of up to 10ml are ground, wet or dry, to analytical fineness.