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Vezin Dry Solids Sample Splitters


Sepor’s continuous vezin samplers are designed for dependable sampling on a continuous application. They are ideal as secondary sample splitters, splitting a continuous or intermittent sample stream from the primary sample splitter, to obtain a much smaller size sample for laboratory testing. The sample splitters are totally enclosed to minimize dust problems. The area between the sample cutter and the discharge chute is enclosed to prevent possible contamination or sample loss. The fabricated steel housing includes an inspection door, to give access to the sampler interior. Materials of construction are mild steel or stainless steel. Replaceable cutter blades are constructed of abrasion resistant steel, or stainless steel, depending upon application. The accuracy of a Vezin is 99%, with a margin of error of only 1% or less. They are most widely used for secondary sample splitters, but can be used for primary sample splitters depending upon the flow rate and particle size of the material.

The vezin sampler operates by one or more cutters revolving on a central shaft, passing through the sample stream and collecting a fixed percentage of the total sample (2% to 20%). The principle of the vezin samplers is simple, since the path of the cutter blade is a true circle, the portion of the circle that represents the radial cutter opening determines the amount of cut material flowing through the sampler, regardless of cutter speed. For example, a cutter which has a width equal to 18 degrees of the vezin’s circumference would take a 5% cut, since it would be in the sample stream 5% of the time and out of the stream 95% of the time.

Catalog Number Description Max Flow % Cut Made
040J-100 16” Vezin 3 TPH 5% – 20%
040J-105 28” Vezin 10 TPH 2.5% – 20%
040J-110 40” Vezin 40 TPH 2.5% – 20%
040J-130 48” Vezin 100 TPH 2.5% – 20%

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