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Universal Sample Splitters


The Universal Sample Splitters give a 50 – 50 split, have adjustable width chutes, lever actuated hoppers and are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate up to 500 pound samples and up to 6 inch particle size.

The SP-1 Sample Splitter is a rugged, large-capacity floor model for dividing samples of an aggregate, ore and other granular materials. This original model of the Universal design is suitable for laboratory or field use with materials with particle sizes from 4in (102mm) down to fine sand. The lever-release allows controlled, accurate splits from the 1ft3 (28.3L) hopper.

Accessories make this an even more useful and versatile device for any materials lab. The SPA-102 Chute Attachment replaces one pan to permit direct loading of material into a bag or container. Optional PSA-114 Porta Wheels bolt easily to the splitter for mobility. The SPA-103 60° Adapter Kit increases the chute slope of the splitter to handle “difficult” materials. The SPA-114 Fixed Chute Accessory converts an SP-1 into a SP-1C fixed-chute splitter with ten 2-1/4in wide chutes, and the SPA-7 Enclosure Adapter Set converts the SP-1 to a SP-10 Totally Enclosed Splitter for improved dust control.

SP-2 Porta-Splitter for 2in (51mm) to sand sizes is more durable and compact than conventional portable splitters. Lightweight with ample hopper capacity, the SP-2 is convenient for use from floor or bench-top positions. With a 0.55ft3 (15.6L) lever-release hopper and adjustability to form up to 36 dividing chutes, this splitter provides accurate and representative samples for a wide range of materials. Two pans are included, but extra pans are available as SPA-101. Optional SPA-106 Adapter Kit modifies the 45° chutes to a 60° angle for more efficient processing of difficult samples.

SP-3 Mini-Splitter

Is for 1/4in (6.4mm) to powder sizes is the smallest Universal Splitter. The bench top SP-3 features stainless steel hopper and frame with anodized aluminum chute bars and sample pans. The 104in3 (1.7L) hopper has a 3/8in (9.5mm) bottom opening with a spring-loaded gate release. An optional Dust Enclosure Kit is available as SPA-302, and consists of two stainless steel panels held in place by springs. The panels slide up easily for access to the pans and quickly detach when not needed.

SP-2.5 Versa-Splitter

This precision riffle splitter is for 3/4in (19mm) and smaller sizes, has wide application for use with fine aggregates as well as many coarser sizes. It is rugged enough for use in the field as well as on the laboratory bench. The 0.28ft3 (7.9L) lever release hopper has plenty of capacity for samples in this size range, and up to 48 chutes can be formed with the adjustable chute bars. Most contact parts are stainless steel except for the anodized aluminum chute bars. Optional SPA-109 Dust Enclosure Accessory installs easily on the Versa-Splitter and has hinged flaps that hold in open or closed positions for pan access.

Definition of a Precision Riffle Splitter

A riffle splitter with a hopper a feed gate at the bottom of the hopper is called a precision splitter. By eliminating the potential bias resulting from differing pouring motions, a increased accuracy of up to 1% is achieved.


Catalog Number Description Hopper/Pan Capacity Dimensions
(L x W x H, in.)
040G-030 SP-1 1 CF 26 x 19 x 39 136
040G-033 SP-2 0.55 CF 22 x 14.5 x 20.5 64
040G-033 SP-3 125 In³ 9.5 x 18.5 x 13.5 15
040G-046 SP-2.5 0.28 CF 16 x 13 x 18 50

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