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Triple Beam Balance


These Triple Beam Balances feature a capacity of up to 2,610 g, with readability of 0.1g. Stainless steel weigh pan is 6 inches in diameter. These balances are rugged, and built to last, with strong metal construction and built in mass holder for storage of additional weights. Model TBB2610S does not have a tare beam (can not be tarred), while Model TBB2610T does have a tare beam, with tare capacity up to 225 g.

As a added feature, this mechanical balance has a Below Balance Weighing capability, for density measurements, using the tripod legs.

Other features include magnetic dampening, positive poise positioning, well-defined notches, and three gradu- ated tier beams for the best possible center point readings. Zeroing this balance is a quick and simple task, as well.

100C-002 TBB 2610T 2610g 0.1g 6″/152mm 3.75lbs
100C-027 TBB 2610S 2610g 0.1g 6″/152mm 3.75lbs

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