TM-3 & TM-4


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The Test Master Screen is ideal for sizing test samples of crushed stone, gravel, slag, coal and coke, wood chips, ores, pellets, and similar materials. This low maintenance unit is built for hard service. Sample batches up to one cubic foot are separated into 2 to 7 sizes simultaneously in 3 to 5 minutes. Designed for 4″ to #4 particle sizes, the unit can handle smaller amounts of finer materials on down to #200 mesh screen. Tray area is 18″ x 16″. Hydraulic Clamping Units have 1/3 hp capacitor type motors, and TEFC and explosion-proof motors are available. Units come complete with dustpan and 5 course series trays. Accessories include sound compartment factory installed variable vibration speed, special low amplitude drive shaft, electronic reset timer, and spring timer. Coarse Series tray sizes are from 4″ to #4 steel mesh; Intermediate Series are #5 to #14 brass mesh; and Fine Series #16 to #100 in brass, with #200 in phosphor-bronze. Trays have lateral support ribs and supporting back-up cloth, depending on screen mesh size. All screen wire or punched steel plate is testing grade to ASTM specifications.

The Test Master is a modern-technology, full-feature testing screen. Test Master models use amplitude and vibration capabilities widely accepted for over 50 years. The Test Master uses the same trays as the Gilson Testing Screen. Capacity per batch is up to a cubic foot, depending on type and size of material. Model TM-3 holds six trays and pan. Model TM-4 holds seven trays and pan. Internal counterbalance eliminates need to mount unit. Machine can be moved and does not transfer vibration to other lab instruments. Enclosed outer case confines dust and noise. Digital timer resets to repeat timed durations up to one hour. A Pause/Resume control allows interruptions without loss of test time. Foot-pedal hydraulic system secures and releases trays in a few easy, hands-free strokes. Accessories include sand attachment, tray rack, clean-n-weigh.


Catalog Number Description
040D-020 Test Master Model TM-3, with 5 Coarse Series Screens, Dustpan, Capacity for 6 Screens
040D-021 Test Master Model TM-3, with 5 Coarse Series Screens, Dustpan, Capacity for 6 Screens
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