Sepor Pilot Plants

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Sepor now offers a complete line of small scale pilot plants for metal and mineral extraction studies and mine equipment design. The use of pilot plant testing is to demonstrate and more importantly confirm that the process flow sheet is viable.

For the newer projects, pilot plants assist in operational viability or “Proof of Concept”. The added benefits are that the plants generate market samples of the final product thus reducing risk. The data and samples can be utilized in the design of a full scale plant; again lowering CAPEX risk.

Pilot plants can assist in ascertaining and troubleshooting process problems without interrupting production at the main plant.

Pilot Plant testing is the best method to:

  • Prove critical components
  • Establish viability of new equipment
  • Minimize technical, environmental, operational and commercial risk.

Cyanide Leaching Gold Circuits

Sepor can design and construct both CIL, CIP plants from 125 Kg to 1 ton plants. The leach circuit will comprise stainless Steel tank (s). The circuit can include both adsorption and Elution or just one aspect. Sepor can help develop your cyanide leach flowsheet at the bench or laboratory scale to assess leach parameters and optimize gold recovery.

The CIL process is safe and reliable technology and provides flexibility on raw materials analysis. It benefits from low inventory of precious metals along with short processing time and low operating costs.

Merrill Crowe Systems

Once gold and silver is put into a solution of Cyanide. This pregnant solution is put thru a filtration or pre-coat process with DE or thru a plate and frame filter to remove all suspended particulates. The minerals will be precipitated with Zinc. The Zinc is mixed with a deaerated solution and bonds with the precious metals. Sepor manufactures a complete line from 12 TPD to 300 TPD. The plants are skid mounted and built to perform on a constant basis. The Merrill Crowe process is technologically sound and very low cost method of precious metal extraction. See Merrill Crowe here… 

Ore Scrubber and Agglomerator

Sepor Ore scrubbers are designed to break up materials, clay and sand. The presence of clay in the ore body can make recovery difficult as the materials and metals can be encased in the agglomerates. The fines are washed from the oversize with the assistance of lifter bars, this oversize once washed is now ready for downstream processing. Our Ore scrubbers utilize the normal 2:1 shell ratio (L/D). However this shell ratio does not have set values the actual ratio can be altered to any desired value by the customer. Bridging and blockage is minimized as the feed opening is circular it is also smaller so spillage and splashing is also minimized. The standard sizes are 15x30, 24x48 and 32x64.

Sepor’s Agglomerators are effective in bringing together fines in a controlled environment with the assistance of a rotary drum. Sepor’s agglomerators are suitable for a wide array of materials and application such as Sepor cyanide leach systems, balling, industrial minerals and chemicals. The barrel is constructed of Mild or Stainless Steel with a replaceable rubber lining. As with our Ore Scrubbers the shell ratios are standard unless otherwise requested by the customer.

For labs the Sepor Ore Scrubber can be modified as a 3 in 1 unit with our FC Bond Mill, the agglomerator and ore scrubber  are made available with a simple change of the barrel, saving you time and money.

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