Selective Mineral Jigs,
5 – 400 TPH Capacity



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These Mineral Jigs were designed for the recovery of minerals or other heavy industrial products, and they employs the proven, inexpensive basic laws of gravity to affect the concentration. These Selective Mineral Jigs operate on the principle of hindered settling and are effective where there is a difference in the settling rate of the solids treated. Usually, the rule of thumb for gravity concentration is there must be a minimum Difference in Specific Gravity Units of 1.0 between the materials to be separated. Typical applications involve the recovery of gold and silver from placer or hard rock deposits, diamonds, other precious metals, lead, zinc, fluorspar, chrome, black sands, magnetite, ilmenite, rutile, tin, garnet, barite, etc.

Designed to process minus 3/16” x 0 unclassified feed material.

  •  The rotating water valve results in a highly selective product. The rotating water valve adds water to the hutch only on the upstroke of the diaphragm. The jig bed is subjected to upward pulsations only. Gravity separation is effected by the true hindered settling principle, as the suction effect on the material in the feed compartment is diminished.
  •  The rotating water valve reduces the volume of water required for operation.
  •  The selective mineral jig has a low power requirement per ton processed.
  •  Very little operator attention is required for operation of the jig.
  •  These machines are available in Simplex Models (single unit), or Duplex Models (2 jigs in series)
  •  Screen compartments are designed to prevent entrance slurry between basket and tank walls.
    This eliminates packing, cementation and permits easy screen box removal for cleaning or maintenance.


Catalog NumberJig SizeDescriptionEst. Capacity Range (TPH)Weight (Lbs)
050G‐0208″ X 12″Simplex7 to 35530
050G‐0238″ X 12″Duplex15 to 75780
050G‐02112″ X 18″Simplex25 to 751130
050G‐02412″ X 18″Duplex25 to 1501580
050G‐02216″ X 24″Simplex75 to 1001450
050G‐02516″ X 24″Duplex150 to 4002000

Capacities are estimated in a closed grinding circuit, including re-circulating load.
For placer operations, capacities are estimated to be 2 tons/hour per square foot of jig bed.


Simplex Jig Dimensions (Feet—Inches)


8″ x 12″2’‐6″2’‐6″4’‐2″3’‐5″1.5″
12″ x 18″2’‐10″3″‐0″4’‐6″4’‐0″1.5″
16″ x 24″3’‐4″3’‐11″3’‐11″4’‐4″2″

Duplex Jig Dimensions (Feet—Inches)


8″ x 12″3’‐1″2’‐6″3’‐10″3’‐4″1.5″
12″ x 18″4’‐2″3’‐1″2’‐6″3’‐10″1.5″
16″ x 24″5’‐1″3’‐11″5’‐1″3’‐5″2″
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