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Selective Mineral Jigs, 5 – 100 TPH Capacity

Duplex Circular Jigs

Stacked Pie Jigs


These Mineral Jigs were designed for the recovery of minerals or other heavy industrial products, and they employ the proven, inexpensive basic laws of gravity to affect the concentration.

The jig cycle consists of an upstroke, or ‘propulsion stroke’, and a down stroke, or ‘suction stroke’. The upstroke results in the creation of a very ‘soft’ bed (dilation) where the lighter particles are lifted into the tailings stream and the heavier particles can readily sink and be sucked through the screen in the down stroke or the suction stroke. The inflow of water is restricted to the down stroke so that the suction in the bed can be modified to suit the highly variable conditions on site.  In conventional square jigs, the feed accelerates toward the discharge. However, in circular jigs the feed decelerates as it approaches the discharge because the cross- sectional area of the flow channel increases dramatically as the feed approaches the discharge. Because of this the particulate retention time is substantially longer in the circular jig compared to any traditional jig, enhancing the capture of fines.

Designed to process minus 3/16”  feed material.

  •  The rotating water valve results in a highly selective product. The rotating water valve adds water to the hutch only on the upstroke of the diaphragm. The jig bed is subjected to upward pulsations only. Gravity separation is effected by the true hindered settling principle, as the suction effect on the material in the feed compartment is diminished.
  •  The rotating water valve reduces the volume of water required for operation.
  •  The selective mineral jig has a low power requirement per ton processed.
  •  Very little operator attention is required for operation of the jig.
  •  These machines are available in Simplex Models (single unit), or Duplex Models (2 jigs in series)
  •  Screen compartments are designed to prevent  spillage between basket and tank walls.

These units are made by RMS-Ross, for serious miners requiring heavy-duty solutions.  Contact us at for a detailed quotation that will fit your needs.  

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