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SB Centrifugal Concentrator


The SB range of concentrators retain the highest density particles from a feed slurry to produce a small but relatively higher-grade concentrate (as high as 1% by mass).

The heaviest layers pass over the concentrate bed retained in the riffles at the top of the rotor bowl. The addition of back-pressure water from behind the riffle beds enable heavy target particles to migrate to the bottom of the bed and be retained in preference to lighter particles.

The high G Force permits effective recovery for even very fine particles and the depth of the concentrate bed allows coarser particles in the feed stream to be captured.  This semi-batch process is well suited to fine native metal (Au, Ag, Pt) recovery. The addition of process water enables these units to handle coarser feed streams. The SB units are suitable for recovery of both fine (down to 10 microns) and coarse precious metals in the free, metallic state. Maximum feed particle size can be as coarse as 6 mm.

The SB-40 batch concentrator is constructed of stainless steel, except for the wear resistant UHMW bowl.

It comes with a variable speed drive.

SPECIFICATIONS FOR 050L-200  SB 40 Centrifugal Concentrator

Capacity: 0.3 TPH
Slurry Capacity: 10 GPM
G-Force Range: 50-300
Motor HP: 1/2
Water Required: 1-5 GPM
Weight: 81 Lbs.
Bowl ID: 4”

Larger units are available upon request.  

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