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Rotary Sample Splitter

The photo above is a 24 inch Rotary Sample Splitter, which produces representative splits with 99% accuracy.

The most reliable method of obtaining representative samples from heterogeneous granular and powdered materials is through a rotary sample splitter (also known as a spinning riffle). This type of unit minimizes the negative influences of differences in grain size, specific gravity and particle shape.

The Sepor Rotary Splitter has a variable speed table top rotation with 10 to 20 RPM as the operating range, and a variable speed vibrating feeder with a feed range of 0-2000 pounds per hour (recommended operating range for the rotary sampler is 50 to 200 pounds per hour). A mild steel feed hopper with 60 degree side slopes has the volumetric capacity to hold the entire contents of all sample containers for each size splitter. The Rotary Sample Splitter will work with particles sized 1/2″ to powder. Each rotary sample splitter is supplied with one set of stainless steel, interlocking sample containers. An additional set of containers may speed up the sample splitting process. The drive for the rotary splitter is powered by a 1/4 HP gear reduced DC motor, with a variable SCR control to operate on either 115 V/1 Ph/60 Hz, or 220 V/1 Ph/50 Hz AC current. The rotary sample splitter is frame mounted on locking casters for easy mobility.

Catalog Number Description QTY Needed
040J-001 24″ Rotary Splitter 90V/60Hz (Complete) 1
040J-T001 24″ Rotary Splitter Frame 1
040J-T002 Spindle 24″ Rotary Splitter  1
020A-001-318S Feeder 3×18 T42112-001 • 115/60 1
GR-F71350B5J Gearbox F713-50-B5J • 50:1 1
MO-098002 1/4hp 90V 1750RPM 56C 1
040J-C009 2.4L SS Container Complete 12


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