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Recent News & Press

February 2015 – Spiral test rig, Ball mills and other equipment sold to Botswana based research Company.

January 2015 – Sepor is proud to announce the signing of representation agreement with Sepro Ghana for West Africa operations.

December 2014 – Mongolian based company contracts with Sepor to build a 65TPH/10GPM  Merrill Crowe plant.

October 2014 – Sepor wins Contract to provide large quantity of lab equipment to Russian firm including Sepor’s New FC Bond mill and roll drives.

September 2014 – UAE based company acquires Hydro cyclones, Large Pressure filters and Mineral jig for Middle East mining company.

August 2014 – Turkish Mining company contracts with Sepor to provide Sepor’s New FC Bond Mill, a Batch Ball Mill as well as Large Roll drives for their Lab.

March 2014 – Sepor signs contract to provide stainless steel pressure filters to mining operation in Mongolia.

December 2013 – Sepor contract with independent mineral producer in western USA for engineering & process consultation services

August 2013 – Sepor’s cyclone test rig features the highly efficient Krebs GMax cyclones, which have 98% efficiency in classification of gold and copper ores under the conditions tested.  Classification at 15µ, 20µ and 35µ were achieved with less than 2% of the oversize in the fines (D98).

July 2013 – Sepor Inc signs contract with major Canadian Engineering firm for feasibility work on Iodine project.

April 2013 – Sepor Inc, delivers on large scale Wet Fume Scrubber Project to a major Mexican Silver Mine. Scrubber is SS in construction and comes equipped with Quench tower and FRO input of 12,000 CFM. Overall removal efficiency is 85%.

February 2013 – Sepor furnished a Vezin Sampler, to give a 5% cut, for a field sampling program at a major gold mine in Nevada. The vezin was mounted on a truck bed, along with other equipment, and used at the site.

January 2013 – Sepor furnished a 50 gallon per minute Merrill-Crowe Plant to a Mexican company to determine the feasibility of using the zinc precipitation method on their silver-gold ore. It was designed to be modular and easy to assemble and operate in the field.

December 2012 – Sepor furnished filtration equipment for a gold/silver mine in Mexico, which would de-water up to 20 samples simultaneously. Operator ease of use, and maximum flexibility made this equipment ideal for the application.

November 2012 – Tim Miller, prior CEO of Atacama & VP of Goldcorp, purchased Sepor Inc and took over the responsibilities as President.

October 2012
 – Sepor furnished a number of lab sized leach agitation tanks for leach feasibility studies for a South American gold mine. The multi-stage agitators could be used for individual leach testing, or allow the pregnant liquor to flow from one to the other, before being pumped back to the first tank.

January 2009 – Sepor supplies equipment to Konkola Copper
Sepor supplied crushing, grinding, classification, sampling heat processing and flotation for Konkola Copper Mine in Zambia.

February 2009 – Sepor supplies equipment to Industrial Minera Mexico
Sepor supplied crushing, grinding, classifiaction and sampling equipment to Industrial Minera Mexico’s nickel and copper mining activities.

February 2009 – Sepor Supplies Equipment To First Solar
Sepor furnished process, laboratory equipment to First Solar Corp. The scope of equipment included, crushing, grinding, classification, concentration, filtration, heat processing and mixing equipment. First Solar is the lowest cost producer($$/KWH) of electricity from solar cells in the world, according to their published documents. They are apparently looking to further improve their solar cells and system.

October 2008 – Sepor Supplied Gecamines Process Equipment For Their Copper Mine
Sepor supplied Gecamines, of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, equipment for their operation. The scope of the equipment supplied ranged from slurry pumps, concentration equipment, magnetic separation equipment, crushing and grinding equipment.

June 2008 – Sepor supplies equipment to Minera San Cristobal
Sepor supplied crushing, grinding, sampling and classification equipment to Minera San Cristobal’s Silver, Lead and Zinc mine in Bolivia.

March 2008 – Sepor Supplies equipment to Lepanto Mining, Philippines
Sepor supplied crushing, classification, pulverizing, assay equipment to Lepanto’s copper and gold operation in the Philippines.

December 2007 – Sepor Supplies Laboratory Equipment for The Copler Gold Project, Turkey
Sepor and Anachemia were awarded the laboratory equipment for the Copler Gold Project located in Erzican Province, Turkey. Sepor supplied crushing equipment, grinding equipment, classification equipment, dust control equipment, sampling equipment, dewatering equipment and some balances and scales for the project.Copler Gold Project in central Turkey, is operated by Anatolia Minerals Development Ltd. (Anatolia) is currently in the process of developing the Copler Project for commercial production. They have about 1.8 million ounces of gold in oxide reserves and about 2.4 million ounces of gold in sulfide reserves. The Copler Project is planned as a conventional open pit gold and silver mine with both mill and heap leach treatment of ores. The oxide ore from the pit will be heap leached and the leached gold is then recovered in carbon columns, re-dissolved in cyanide and sent to electrowinning cells to produce the gold sponge. This sponge is then melted and poured into a gold dore bar.

October 2007 – Sepor Supplies Spiral Concentrators to the State Geological Survey of Iraq
Sepor furnished spiral concentrators to the Geological Survey of Iraq, located in Baghdad, Iraq. They are going to use the spirals to process various industrial mineral ores, to determine the feasibility of making a commercial grade of mineral at a economical cost. On site training in the operation of spirals was provided in conjunction with this project.

July 2006 – Sepor Furnishes Lab Equipment To Bong Mieu Gold Mine, Vietnam
Sepor provided Laboratory Equipment to Bong Mieu Gold Mine, located in the Quang Nam Province. The scope of the equipment provided included crushing, grinding, froth flotation, gravity separation, screening, assaying, filtration and many analytical laboratory instruments. Bong Mieu is the first modern gold processing plant and gold mine in Vietnam, although the Bong Mieu mine has been mined for hundreds of years.

May 2006 – Sepor Furnishes Lab Equipment To Phelps Dodge Cerro Verde Copper Project
Sepor provided Laboratory Equipment to Cerro Verde copper mine in Peru. The Cerro Verde porphyry copper mine in Arequipa is operated by Sociedad Minera Cerro Verde S.A.A., a Peruvian subsidiary of Phelps Dodge,is one of the world’s largest producers of copper and molybdenum. Major ores mined are Chrysocolla, brochantite, chalcocite and chalcopyrite. The mine is currently undergoing a large expansion, and Sepor received the contract to supply laboratory equipment for this mine expansion. Equipment supplied included crushing, grinding, flotation, sampling, drying, screening/classifying, sample preparation, weighing, analytical, filtration, water treatment, and mixing equipment.”Cerro Verde is undergoing an $850 million expansion that will permit mining a primary sulfide ore body beneath the oxide ore body currently in production. Through the expansion, approximately 1 billion tons of sulfide ore reserves averaging 0.51 percent copper will be processed through a new concentrator. Mining of the sulfide ore body is expected to begin in late 2006. The expanded copper production rate should be achieved in the first half of 2007. Current copper production at Cerro Verde is approximately 100,000 tons per year. After the expansion, copper production initially will approximate 300,000 tons per year.” *Phelps Dodge

July 2005 – Sepor Furnishes Lab Equipment To Ivanhoes Mongolian Gold and Copper Project
Sepor provided flotation, sampling and sample preparation equipment for Ivanhoe Mines’ large Mongolian gold and copper mine exploration and development project.

July 2005 – Sepor Furnishes Lab Equipment To San Cristobal Mine
Sepor recently (June 2005) furnished sampling, analytical, screening and sample preparation equipment for Apex Silver’s San Cristobal Mine located in southwestern Bolivia. It is considered to be one of the world’s largest silver-zinc-lead development projects. In hosts approximately 450 million ounces of silver and 8 billion pounds of zinc and 3 billion pounds of lead..

Early 2005 – Sepor Furnishes BHP Gold Lab In Suriname
Sepor received orders to supply laboratory equipment to INCO’s Voisey’s Bay Nickel Project. Located in Northeastern Canada, Voisey’s bay is one of the largest, richest nickel deposits in the world. The scope of Sepor equipment provided for the laboratory includes crushing equipment, grinding/pulverizing equipment, screening equipment, drying, and sampling equipment. Production from Voisey’s bay is scheduled to begin late 2005, and Sepor is proud to be a supplier for this World Class nickel mine and concentrator.

Mid 2003 – Sepor Furnishes Mineral Laboratory In Mexico
Sepor was awarded a bid to supply mineral process and mineral laboratory equipment for the Universidad Technologica de la Mixteca, in Oaxaca, Mexico.The scope of the equipment includes particle size analysis, screening and classification, crushing, milling, pulverizing, sampling, wet gravity concentration, flotation, de-watering, magnetic separation, assay and analysis of minerals and metal ores.

February 2004 – Sepor Furnishes BHP Gold Lab In Suriname
Sepor received a contract to furnish equipment for a new gold operation lab in Suriname for BHP. This included crushing, grinding, pulverizing, particle size analysis, weighing and other analytical equipment for their new operation in South America.

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