QBW 1.5, 3, 6, 15, 30 Kg

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Category –  100B

The QBW series of lab scales are modern, low profile design Anti-tilt bumpers and non- slip adjustable feet Large LCD display with 24mm/1″ digits Large stainless steel pan Sealed keypad Stability indicator Rechargeable battery with up to 150 hours of operation / mains adapter(adapter supplied as standard) Buzzer for audible warnings and confirmation of key press Tare function Protected power supply connection Overload protection Weigh in the following units, g, Kg, Lb, Oz and Lb & Oz.


• The QBW series of scales are simple, easy to use scales with an internal rechargeable battery.

• The weighing process is fast and accurate, making it suitable for general purpose weighing applications.

• There are 5 models in this series with capacities ranging from 1.5 kilograms to 30 kilograms.

• All have stainless steel weighing platforms on an A ABS plastic base assembly.

• Keypads are sealed, with colour coded membrane switches.

• The displays are large, easy to read liquid crystal type displays (LCD).

• The LCD normally shows the weight and the units of the weight, selected previously (Grams, Kilograms, Ounces, Pounds or Pounds & Ounces).

Model NumberCapacityReadabilityPlatform Size
QBW 15003.3lb / 1500g0.001lb / 0.5g275 × 225mm / 10.8 × 8.9”
QBW 30006.6lb / 3000g0.002lb / 1g275 × 225mm / 10.8 × 8.9”
QBW 60003.2lb / 6000g0.004lb / 2g275 × 225mm / 10.8 × 8.9”
QBW 1533lb / 15kg0.01lb / 5g275 × 225mm / 10.8 × 8.9”


There are 5 different ranges and resolutions available for the scale, depending on the weighing range of the load cell fitted and its associated software.


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