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Pulverisette 0

Pulverisette 0 is an electromagnetic-powered mortar that transmits vertical oscillations to a single grinding ball, which in turn transfers the energy to the material being milled. Grinding forces can be controlled to enable very reproducible results. Samples of <5 mm material up to 10mL are ground, wet or dry, to analytical fineness. The unit produces a very narrow particle size distribution range. A Perspex viewing window permits observation. It comes with a built-in timer. Ship wt: 60 lbs. Select from three grinding materials to control abrasion and contamination. A transparent plexiglass hood for sound absorption is optional. The Pulverisette 0 power base can be converted to a wet or dry sieve shaker accommodating 8″, 200mm or 125 mm sieves. This is the same drive as used on the Analysette III.



Catalog Number Description
010G-001 Pulverisette 0, 110v/60hz
010G-002 Pulverisette 0, 220v/50hz
010G-003 Agate Mortar set
010G-010 Plexiglass Hood



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