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Propeller Type Agitation Tanks


Sepor’s propeller type agitation tanks are designed for a range of applications from light to heavy duty. The tanks can be constructed of mild steel, stainless steel or may be lined with teflon coatings,  They include a gear reduced propeller agitator mounted on a structural steel truss in the center of the tank, have structural steel legs to give floor clearance, flanged input and discharge openings, 4 baffles on 90 degrees spacing and are available in a variety of sizes with either a conical or flat bottom.


Our complete line of pilot plant and small commercial size axial flow type propeller agitators may be used with slurries or dissolving reagents.  Vertical turbine mixing and or pumping impellers are also available for solvent extraction and other solution applications involving mixing or shear.


Available in the sizes indicated in the table below. 
Agitator mechanism is a heavy duty shaft with self aligning locking type bearings, a gear reduced drive mechanism, with axial flow (propellers), vertical flow (turbine) or pumping impellers.

Draft tubes are available, optionally, for all agitation tanks.




Catalog Number Tank Dim (D”xH”) Tank Vol (gal)
       080C-060     12 X 15           7
       080C-061     18 X 24         26
       080C-062     24 X 27         52
       080C-063     36 X 42       238
       080C-064     48 X 54       423



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