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Water Treatment Plant

SEPOR now has Porta-Pro Water Treatment Plants which provide solutions for a variety of water treatment problems. These units are custom designed and built for each application, as it its seldom that any two applications are exactly alike. The un its are fabricated to fit on a standard trailer bed.

The Porta-Pro may be used for heavy metals precipitation, raw water treatment, oily water cleanup, cyanide destruction, organic contaminant removal or metals adsorption, to name a few applications

The following water treatment plants are available:

* Equalization
* Flocculation
* Inclined Plate Clarifiers
* Emulsion Breaking
* Ion Exchange
* Reverse Osmosis
* Air Stripping
* Sludge Filtration
* Stabilization
* pH Control
* Coagulation
* Sand Filters
* Oil/W ater Separation
* Ultrafiltration
* Carbon Columns
* Sludge Thickening
* Biological Contactors
* Electrowinning

Contact SEPOR for further information on water treatment.

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