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Selective Mineral Jigs

These Mineral Jigs were designed for the recovery of minerals or other heavy industrial products, and they employs the proven, inexpensive basic laws of gravity to affect the concentration.These Selective Mineral Jigs operate on the principle of hindered settling and are effective where there is a difference in the settling rate of the solids treated. Usually, the rule of thumb for gravity concentration is there must be a Difference in Specific Gravity Units of 1.0 between the materials to be separated. Typical applications involve the recovery of gold and silver from placer or hard rock deposits, diamonds, other precious metals, lead, zinc, fluorspar, chrome, black sands, magnetite, ilmenite, rutile, tin, garnet, barite, etc..

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (8 x 12, 12 x 18, 16 x 24)

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