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Sampling Probes

Sepors triers and sampling probes are applicable to a whole range of minerals, ores and chemicals. They take representative samples from various levels of the sack, bin or pile of material and then dumped through the hollow handle. The double tube probe is inserted into the media and in the inner probe is turned to expose the sampling slots. The open units are discharged through the opening in the handle and the closed (partitioned) units provide an individual increment for each strata opening. Essentially rust proof and being constructed of brass steel or stainless steel .

Other probes and triers are available in larger sizes to 72”


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040H-001 • Open Handle, 18in, 040H-002 • Open Handle, 30in, 040H-003 • Chrome Plated Trier, 39in, 040H-004 • SS Probe, 6 open, 040H-005 • SS Probe, 3 open, 040H-006 • Brass Probe, Open, 040H-007 • Brass Probe, Open, 040H-008 • Brass Probe, Open, 040H-020 • Carbon Steel Auger, T Handle, 1" x 40" w/ 13 open