Model PNS 6500 Slurry Sampler | Sepor, Inc
Catalog Number Description
040J-300 PNS Slurry Sampler, Pneumatic Actuated
040J-305 Optional Control Timer Unit, NEMA 1 Housing
040J-310 PNS Slurry Sampler, Mechanical Actuated

Model PNS 6500 Slurry Sampler


The Model PNS 6500 slurry sampler is for sampling low flow and low pressure slurries. Its primary use is in secondary sampling, reducing the sample from the primary sampling device. The PNS slurry sampler receives the feed through a 2 inch diameter rubber hose, which is attached to an air or mechanical cylinder. The cylinder moves across (back and forth) the sampler housing, passing over a wedge shaped stationary cutter. The cutter has an adjustable gap, and the initial flow, number and frequency of passes of the moving sample hose will determine the volume of sample collected. The excess sample material flows through the 2 inch diameter reject sample hose. The cut sample is discharged through the 1-1/4 inch diameter sample hose. Optional automatic controls will allow time interval setting for fully automatic operation.

Standard materials of construction (contact parts) are carbon steel, however 316 stainless steel is also available.