Magnetic Drum Separator LDP 520

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LDP 520 Drum Separators

These separators provide automatic and continuous removal of magnetic material. The ceramic drum separator offers positive protection, low cost and lifetime dependability. The LDP 520 offers the exclusive ceramic magnet assembly that produces a uniform magnetic field that is up to 40 % more powerful than in ordinary permanent magnet systems. The LDP 520 is also ideal for spout systems, the unit continuously and automatically removes magnetic material out of the material flow and returns clean product to the production process. The unit consists of a revolving non-magnetic cylinder inside welded steel housing, material is fed onto the cylinder at the top and is carried over the stationary magnet assembly, and the deep uniform field attracts and holds the material beyond the discharge of clean non-magnetic product.


Reliable holding power at the drum surface assures positive attraction.
Factory sealed bearings
Optional spouting arrangements
Direct gear motor drive
Equipment totally enclosed with dust protective housing.
Flanged housing mounts easily to any spouting system.
Rare earth magnetic field products available.


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Dimensions 18 × 24 in


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