Laboratory Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separator L/P 10-30


Laboratory High-Force Magnetic Separator L/P 10-30 designed to separate paramagnetic materials from non-magnetic materials optimized with one 100mm (4”) diameter roll cassette, single magnetic zone. The magnetic zone is 200mm wide and with a dual magnetic roll configuration is 4:1.3/ 4:4. The magnetic roll is made with the highest strength Neodymium magnets. Unit includes hopper system and two splitters of stainless steel and frame construction of stainless steel.

Continuously variable drive system for a 220V, 60 Hz system, (please specify electrical requirements). Closed loop speed control to maintain roll speed at desired setting. Digital RPM read-out.

Vibratory feeder mounted in frame with the unit’s feeder, this configuration can be adjusted to provide standard feed or “HE” feed positions.

Three stainless steel collection pans and three belts are included as standard.

Additional information

Weight475 lbs
Dimensions41 x 38 x 42 in


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