Laboratory Batch Vacuum Filter | Sepor, Inc
Catalog Number Description
070C-001 Batch Vacuum Filter With Rubberized Base, Mild Steel Body, Drain
070C-002 Batch Vacuum Filter With Rubberized Base, Rubberized Body, SS Drain
070C-003 12″ diameter filter cloth
070C-004 12″ diameter, Extra Package of 100 High Wet Strength Filter Paper
070C-006 2,000 CC Plastic Filtrate Receiver
070C-007 Batch Vacuum Filter With Rubberized Base, Stainless Steel, Drain
030F-023 Rotary Vane Pump capable of 4.5 CFM

Laboratory Batch Vacuum Filter

$26.00 to $1,057.00

Sepor’s laboratory bench top batch vacuum filter is ideal for dewatering slurries, allows cake washing, and is easy to use and clean.

The filter will hold up to 2 gallons of slurry.



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070C-001 • Batch Vac Filter, 10in, Carbon Steel, 070C-002 • Batch Vac Filter, 10in, Rubberized, 070C-003 • Batch Vac Filter Cloth, 12″ dia., 070C-004 • Batch Vac Filter Paper, 12″ dia. (100ct), 070C-006 • Batch Vac Filter Trap, 2000cc, 070C-007 • Batch Vac Filter, 10in, Stainless