Hand Slurry Samplers & Belt Sampler




Belt samplers have hand grip, 2cm pipe fitting for optional extension, and are constructed of air-craft type aluminum alloy.

Slurry samplers available in 1.5L (stainless steel) or 7L (aluminum) capacities.

Neoprene rolling cloth and cleaning brushes also available.



SEPOR. Used to manually obtain representative samples off me grained granular materials or slurries cascading from the end of a convey or belt or pipe by passing it through the entire stream at regular intervals. Precision, air-craft type construction of aluminum alloy. Square internal comers having no welds and with a hand grip. Has a 3/4 pipe fitting to accomodate an optional extension handle pipe. The hard aluminum alloy extension handle pipe is 5 feet long. Also, a right angle threaded fitting is optionally available, for the extension handle, to introduce the sampler in tight locations. 14″x 9″. SW: 1 lb.

040I-002 – 1 1/2 width, 1900cc (w/ handle fitting)
040I-003 – Primary Extension Handle, 5′
040I-007 – Right Angle Threaded Fitting



Hand sampling of in-process liquid slunies and suspensions is improved by this unique long-nose cup design. For some applications this sampler may be used for sampling fine-grained dry flows; otherwise see 0401-002 for coarse material. A sample is obtained by passing the slotted cutter through a moving flow. All units have a smooth durable handle. The smaller units, made of stainless steel, have a capacity of 1.5 liters with a slot length of 5.5″ and slot opening widths of 1/4 or 1/2. They are also available with a fitting to accommodate a 5 foot 3/4 threaded, aluminum extension handle. The larger units, made of aluminum, have a capacity of 7.1 liters, a slot length of 14″ and slot opening widths of 1/4 or 1/2.

040I-012 – 1/4″ Slot w/ Handle Fitting
040I-014 – 1/2″ Slot w/ Handle Fitting
040I-015 – 7.1 Liter, 1/4″ Slot w/ Handle Fitting
040I-016 – 7.1 Liter, 1/2″ Slot w/ Handle Fitting



Neoprene cloth used for mixing pulverent and granular material prior to sampling. Smooth and pliable for easy rolling, but tough to resist continuous handling and moisture. Especially useful in the field and lab for coning-and-quartering when moisture prevents the use of a mechanical sampler.




For cleaning rolling cloth, work area and machines. Hand brush approximately 13″ long with a 3″ bristle face.




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040I-012 • Slurry, SS, 1/4 cutter, 1.5 liter, 040I-014 • Slurry, SS, 1/2″ cutter, 1.5 liter, 040I-003a • Extension Handle, 040I-003 • Primary Extension Handle, 5', 040I-007 • Right Angle Threaded Fitting, 040I-005 • 15"x38"x4" Pan, 040I-006 • 12"x20"x4" Pan, 010G-091 • Rolling Cloth 1/32″, 36″ wide, 010G-095 • Cleaning Brush, Bristle Face, 040I-002 • 1 1/2 width, 1900cc (w/ handle fitting)


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