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Dimensions 64 × 19 × 73 in


The Cyclosizer is a laboratory precision instrument used for the determination of particle size distribution within the sub sieve range. The unit will separate at around 40, 30, 20, 15, and 12 microns. The Cyclosizer will return the size fraction for assay or microscopic examination so that information on liberation sizes can be gathered.

Particles are separated according to their Stokes equivalent diameter and are specific gravity dependent. Effective separating range is 40 to 12 microns with 2.7 gravity material. Handles samples up to 100 grams (minus 200 or 325 mesh) and separates into 5 fractions. The heavier minerals report to higher cyclones in the configuration. Equipment consists of five 3” diameter cyclones and support equipment mounted on a console cabinet. The Cyclosizer is shipped completely assembled and ready for operation.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (separation range 50μ to 8μ)

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