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Batch Ball or Rod Mill Container

$30.00 to $1,760.00

Sepor’s batch ball and rod mills are designed to give size reduction of laboratory quantities of minerals and ores. Feed size should generally be -1/8″, for ball mill and -1/2″ for rod mill. They are of a sturdy, rugged design to handle frequent use with hard materials. The batch ball and rod mills require a drive roll to rotate the mill the proper grinding speed, usually 60%- 75% of the critical speed for ball mills and 50% to 90% of critical speed for rod mills.



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010E-007/008 • 8″ Batch Carbon Steel Rod/Ball Mill, 010E-013/014 • 8″ SS Ball/Rod Mill, 010E-010 • Extra Rubber Gasket, 010E-015 • Ball Mill Charge, Carbon Steel, 010E-016 • Rod Mill Charge, Carbon Steel, 010E-098 • Stainless Steel, Ball Mill Charge, 010E-099 • SS, Rod Mill Charge