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The Sepor Automagnet is a compact, sealed arrangement of a powerful Alnico V-six pole permanent magnet requiring a simple plunger manipulation to extract magnetic material from one container and automatically discharge it to another container. Lightweight case of .040” aluminum that can be partially immersed in liquid. Spring activated syringe grip.

The primary use of the Automagnet is in the laboratory, removing highly magnetic particles, such as magnetite, from a sample, to get a determination of the magnetic container, or to simply remove the magnetic particles prior to further testing.

To use the automagnet, follow the simple steps below:

Pick up automagnet, placing fingers under top of body, place magnet in material and depress plunger with thumb. Holding plunger down, move bottom of magnet around in material. Magnetic particles will stick to outside of automagnet body, on bottom of body. Remove automagnet from material and move to clean container, slowly release plunger and magnet material will fall from plunger. Repeat, as required.

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