3 in 1 Bond Mill, Ore Scrubber & Agglomerator


Sepor FC Bond Mill

The F.C. Bond Ball Mill is a small universal laboratory mill used in calculating the grindability of all ores. With Sepor’s new FC Bond Mill comes the ability to change the test apparatus from a Bond Mill to an Ore Scrubber to an Agglomerator with a simple change of the barrel. The new 3 in 1 mill comes in mild steel and stainless, with the option for the scrubber and agglomerator barrels to be rubber lined. Great for first pass small scale ore testing. This Ball Mill can be used for units of time (hours, minutes) or it can be used for any number of revolutions. According to the type of grind desired.

Sepor Ore Scrubber

Sepor Ore Scrubbers are designed to break up materials, clay and sand. The presence of clay can make recovery difficult as the materials and metals can be encased in agglomerates. The fines are washed from the oversize using water with the assistance of internal lifter bars. The washed oversize is now ready for the downstream processing and the fines can be processed as slurry.


Sepor’s agglomerators are effective in bringing together fines in a controlled environment with the assistance of a rotary drum. Agglomerators are suitable for a wide array of materials and applications such as Heap leach systems, balling, industrial minerals and chemicals. Equipment is made of Mild Steel with a replaceable rubber lining designed to protect against drum wear and limit cake build up. Stainless steel models are available. Equipment comes in standard shell ratios.



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