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080D-001 • 12" SS 110V/60Hz, 080D-002 • 12" SS 220V/50Hz, 080D-003 • 12″ SS Extra Blender Cone, 080D-004 • 12" Cover Gasket

12 Inch Cone Blenders

$15.00 to $3,712.00


We have cone blenders for use with dry or near dry powders, minerals and solid mixtures.

The cone vessel is comprised of one or two cones, and a cylindrical center band, with each cone half welded in the center of the band. The center band has one oversize, machined trunnion, welded to it in order to provide an axis about which the vessel rotates.

Supplied with one cone and drive base.

Blender bodies are constructed of stainless steel and have access clamp cover with a neoprene gasket.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS (12″, volume up to .30cf)


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