Precision BALANCE Models AEP 2500, 4500, 6000

310 830 6601
Fax: 310 830 9336


Catalog Number | 100D

The AEP series are the professional series of precision balances.

The balances have automatic calibration with an internal calibration weight as well as a large graphic LCD display with backlight and RS-232 interface for GLP compliant documentation.

They combine precision weighing technology with the latest processing software and offer many important features for the more demanding user.

The AEP series have 15 weighing units including a user programmable custom unit as well as built-in applications including weighing, parts counting, percent weighing, averaging, filling guide, animal weighing, formulation mode and density determination.

Additional features are automatic compensation for minor temperature variations, the facility to enter date and time and an easy to use keypad as well as an attachment for a standard key- board. The balances also offer the possibility for a remote display, tare switch and print

Stainless steel weigh pan dimensions are 165 mm x 165 mm.


Model Capacity Readability
AEP 2500 2,500 g 0.01 g
AEP 4500 4,500 g 0.01 g
AEP 6000 6,000 g 0.01 g

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