Portable/Benchtop Colorimeter

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The colorimeter is designed for analysis of a variety of water quality parameters. The wave- length selection is automatic (by the colorimeter), with capacity for up to 65 tests, up to 40 pre-programmed test calibrations with 25 user selected calibrations, all stored in the calorimeter’s memory. Most test methods performed by the Colorimeter are approved by the EPA. The Portable Colorimeter has advanced features, such as simple menu driven operation, alphabetical test selection, self diagnostics with error/warning messages, instant readiness achieved by active stabilization of lamp intensity, up to 25 user entered tests, user selected test sequences, automatic zero and automatic shut off.

The Portable Colorimeter has an easy to use reagent system. Simply choose from any number of test factors, available from the list of elemental/compound/characteristic test (page 2), with the effective range of the calorimeter indicated in ppm, and select the appropriate labeled reagent for that test.

The Colorimeter is operated with either 110 V/1 Ph/60 Hz power supply or a rechargeable battery, has RS 232 computer interface, displays percent concentration, absolute concentration or concentration in parts per million. Optional equipment for the colorimeter are the reagents for each test (see page 2), Field Carrying Case, Computer Interface Cable, Cigarette Lighter 12 Volt DC Adapter, or COD Adapter for performing Mercury Digestion Testing.

Catalog Number Description
150H-100 Colorimeter, with 110 V/1 Ph/60 Hz Adapter & Battery Charger
150H-105 Smart Link Computer Program & Computer Interface Cable
150H-110 Field Carrying Case
150H-115 Cigarette Lighter 12 VDC Adapter
150H-120 COD Vial Adapter & COD Reactor

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