Peristaltic Pump


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B/W variable speed peristaltic type metering pumps are available in a choice of three different maximum RPM speeds. The variable speed motor offers the versatility needed in the lab or pilot plant where requirements are subject to change.

Pumps use a tubing assembly that consists of a short length of tubing and two quick connector ends. Specify tygon or norprene tubing material; chemical resistance chart is available. Use the flow rate chart below to specify maximum RPM and tubing diameter.

Each pump is supplied complete with two tubing assemblies and 5 ft. each of vinyl suction tubing and polyethylene discharge tubing. Optional accessories include: anti-siphon check valves, foot valve strainers, extra tubing, and three-way tee couplings.

Maximum output pressure is 25 PSI for all models.
Specify 115v/lph/60hz or 220v/ lph/50-60 hz.

Catalog Number Model Max RPM Max Flow 1/4″ Max Flow 3/8″ Max Flow 7/16″
030E-010 1814 14 34 107 151
030E-011 1830 30 75 252 315
030E-012 1845 45 113 384 567
Any soft flexible tubing up to 70 Shore. A harness can be used for peristaltic pumps.
Sepor has peristaltic tubing in a variety of sizes and materials like silicon, Tygon & Viton available.