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Paddle Type Agitator Assembly



Sepor has a complete line of pilot plant size and small commercial size paddle agitators for slurry and liquid mixing applications for the mineral, chemical, environmental and other industries. Generally, paddle agitators are utilized where gentle mixing of liquids or slow settling slurries is required.

This type of agitator also has application where varying level tanks are involved, due to the fact that the paddle design provides homogeneous agitation to the lowest tank level. It further assures maximum solids removal from the tank in batch operations. Propeller type agitators normally have the propellers positioned off the tank bottom and do not agitate at the lower levels.

Applications include storage tanks for clayey slurries, lime slurry, slime concentrates and precipitation/crystallization where minimum degradation is desired.



Catalog Number Size (Inches) Volume (Gal) HP
080C-070 24×24 47  3/4
080C-071 36×36 156  1
080C-072 48×48 371  1 1/2
080C-073 60×60 731  2



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