NB 350 & NB 550 Ovens

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The NB-350 Forced Convection Bench Oven replaces the CR and PL series of ovens. It is economical, easily moved and makes an excellent low cost drying oven for many applications.


Fully factory tested

Fan forced air circulation

Sturdy welded steel construction

Calibrated temperature controller

Manual reset excess temperature Control

On/Off switch

Red pilot light indicates heater operation Model NB-350 Oven

Adjustable damper on fresh air inlet Baked enamel exterior finish
Corrosion resistant stainless steel interior

Wire cord and plug on 115 volt models


The NB-350 provides 7 cubic feet of working space at temperatures up to 350 degrees F. The NB 550 provides operating temperatures up to 550 degrees F. Specifically designed for drying or shelf processing. Comes standard with 2 expanded metal shelves, on 2” centers, may use up to 4 shelves. Double doors make loading and unloading easy. The doors are sealed with a silicone rubber door gasket. The standard temperature controller is a calibrated controller to regulate the oven temperature (single setpoint). An independent manual reset excess temperature controller protects against failure of main temperature controller. An On/ Off switch located on the panel controls electri- cal power to oven. Red pilot light indicates heater operation.

Catalog Number Model Workspace Dim. Outside Dim. Power (watts)
090B-004 NB-350 28” X 24” X 18”(H) 41” X 30” X 23”(H) 2000
090B-005 NB-550 26” X 22” X 16”(H) 41” X 30” X 23”(H) 3000

Standard Equipment Includes:

115 v/1 Ph/60 Hz, 3 wire cord with plug 208 V/1 Ph/60 Hz
230 V/1 Ph/60 Hz
Calibrated temperature controller Excess Temp controller

Oven comes with two shelves, standard
NB 350 can have up to 7 shelves on 2” centers NB-550 can have up to 7 shelves on 2” centers Maximum load fro oven is 40 pounds Maximum load per shelf is 20 pounds


Additional shelves
Dial thermometer (50 deg. to 550 deg. F Digital timer/single setpoint controller)
Programmable temperature controller
Recording temperature controller
Programmable recording temperature controller


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