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NB 350 & NB 550 Ovens

The NB-350 and NB-550 provide 7 cubic feet of working space at temperatures up to 550 degrees F (NB-550). Ovens are shipped standard with 2 expanded metal shelves, on 2” centers, and can hold up to 7 shelves. Double doors make loading and unloading easy. The doors are sealed with a silicone rubber door gasket. The standard temperature controller is a single setpoint unit, but a multi setpoint programmable controller is available upon request.  An independent manual reset excess temperature controller protects against failure of main temperature controller. An On/ Off switch located on the panel controls electrical power to the oven and a red light indicates heater operation.

Standard Equipment Includes:

115 v/1 Ph/60 Hz – 208 V/1 Ph/60 Hz = 230 V/1 Ph/60 Hz

3 wire cord with plug.

Calibrated temperature controller & Excess Temp controller

Oven comes with two shelves, standard and can have up to 7 shelves on 2” centers

Maximum load per shelf is 20 pounds


Additional shelves
Dial thermometer (50 deg. to 550 deg. F Digital timer/single setpoint controller)
Programmable temperature controller
Recording temperature controller
Programmable recording temperature controller



Catalog Number Model Workspace Dim. Outside Dim. Power (watts)
090B-004 NB-350 28” X 24” X 18”(H) 41” X 30” X 23”(H) 2000
090B-005 NB-550 26” X 22” X 16”(H) 41” X 30” X 23”(H) 3000

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