Moisture Balance – AMB

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Catalog Number | 100D

The AMB Series Moisture Balances are rugged, high quality and affordable. With capacities ranging from 50 g to 310 g, they can handle a wide variety of applications, such as minerals, chemicals, or food applications. The built in iquatrz halogen lamp will evaporate the moisture in most materials within a time frame of 5 to 15 minutes. The moisture content of almost any material can be determined efficiently and accurately with this balance. To use, simply place the pan on the weighing platform and adjust the tare to zero. Then place samples from a few grams up to 310 grams into the pan. Enter drying parameters, press start button. Displays % moisture. Continuous display. Balances can be ordered to operate on either 220V/1Ph/50Hz or 110 V/1 Ph/60 Hz current. Percent moistures and percent solids are internally calculated to 0.001g and % moisture is displayed. Since the balance automatically records the weight before and after the moisture has been removed, there are fewer chances of errors induced due to handling, misreading weights, etc.. Each balance has a LED digital readout, 100 mm diameter stainless steel weighing pan, RS232 data interface and external calibration.


Description Capacity Readability Housing (mm)
W x D x H
Shipping Weight
AMB-30 110, 220 V/1 Ph 50 g 0.001 g 175x300x190 15
AMB-11010, 220 V/1 Ph 110 g 0.001 g 175x300x190 17
AMB-310,10, 220 V/1 Ph 310 g 0.001 g 175x300x190 20

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