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Sepor Now offers its new Mobile field prep lab. Sepors Lab incorporates the newest technology and design innovations based upon the experience its’ personnel have acquired with decades of Mining and oil field experience.

Sepor supplies as a single source company for any lab design required by the client. Sepor equipment list includes:

Sample preparation:

  • Crushers
  • Pulverizing equipment
  • Splitters, riffle and rotary type
  • Sieves
  • Internal dust collection systems
  • Drying ovens
  • All types of lab ware

Lab equipment:

  • Bench roll drives
  • Bench Mills
  • Sieve shakers
  • Flotation Machines
  • Filtration and dewatering
  • Vacuum filters
  • Full line of Scales, balances and hotplates
  • Filter paper
  • Lab glassware
  • Bench furnaces
  • Pulp Density Scales Fire Assay
  • All types offumaces
  • Fire assay work clothes
  • Crucibles
  • Cupels
  • Scarifiers
  • Molds, Ingots and tongs
  • Hoods
  • Reagents, Foil, Flux

The benefits you will receive:

  • Safe and clean work environment for employees.
  • Reduced shipping costs and time to results.
  • Samples ready to be sent for analysis.
  • Reduced construction time as units can be prepared offsite and delivered virtually ready to operate.
  • Flexibility – we design a facility for a testing program you choose.

Technical Information

The lab utilizes ISO international sea freight containers in standard sizes able to meet shipping regulations throughout the world.

Mobile Prefab Knockdown Units available as well for additional office or camp space, designed to the customer’s needs.

General layout will include:

Sample receiving

Jaw crusher, Rolls crusher, Riffle splitter, drying oven

Dried sampling handling

Ring and Puck pulverizing

Sample rolling and blending plus packaging

Final sample boxing

Dust control system to meet and beat the standards required for safe work conditions.

Sepor can attach a clean room, a modular and completely mobile unit, easily assembled with “knockdown” technology. The unit is water proof, temperature insulated and secure.  A LIMS system can be integrated into the clean room workstations  to provide the necessary sample tracking for chain of custody and due diligence requirements. The unit comes with an installed smoke detector, barred windows and steel doors. Exterior is of clad galvanized metal with PVC overlay.

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