Mirak Stirring Hot Plates
With Ceramic Tops

310 830 6601
Fax: 310 830 9336


• Solid state electronic feedback control constantly monitors and adapts to sudden changes in ambient or sample temperature, preventing boil-overs, ruined samples, and lost time.
• Reliable electronic control maintains temperature stability of the top plate center or sample. Use Mirak units to heat metal vessels and sandbaths without damaging ceramic tops.
• All Mirak units are designed with a solid ceramic top for the most durable, easy to clean, corrosion- resistant top plate available.
• The motors in the Mirak Stirring Hot Plates produce maximum stirring torque, which when combined with a stir bar – even with a solution that has a viscosity similar to cooking oil.
• Mirak’s solid ceramic top remains perfectly flat to ensure maximum heat transfer.
• Reflective bright white color makes sample viewing easy. • If maintaining a precise solution temperature is important, utilize the accessory type K isolated immersion probe with any Mirak hot plate to control sample solution temperature. • Digital display of temperature and stirring speed for quick and easy observation.
• Separate power switch turns unit off/on without disturbing temperature.
• Ring stand holder accommodates a standard 1/2″ (1.27cm) diameter support rod to aid in securely positioning the temperature probe.
• Your last set point is stored in memory and will always appear on the display when the unit is switched on again.
• 7x7″ (18 x 18 cm) hot plates accommodate flasks up to 4 liters involume and top plate loads of up to 25 lb. (11.4 kg).
• 12 x 12″ ( 30 x 30 cm) hot plates accommodate flasks up to 6 liters
in volume and top plate loads of up to 30 lb. (13.6 kg).



Catalog NumberModel #SizeCord SetAmpsVoltsWatts°CShipping Weight
090A-070SP727257″ x 7″Standard9.2120110040–54010.4 Lbs
090A-071SP727207″ x 7″Standard4.6240110040–54010.4 Lbs
090A-072SP72720-267″ x 7″European4.6240110040–54010.4 Lbs
090A-073SP7323512″ x 12″20 Amp13.5120162040–37020.1 Lbs
090A-074SP73235-6012″ x 12″Standard13.5120162040–37020.1 Lbs
090A-075HP7323012″ x 12″Standard12.324010040–37020.1 Lbs
090A-076SP73230-2612″ x 12″European12.324010040–37020.1 Lbs
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