Mini Thor Mill

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Bench Top Ring Mills have been developed for laboratories pulverising 1 to 100 gram samples. Used for pulverising rocks, soil, coal, cement, glass, limestone, bricks, wood, plant material, slags, concrete etc. for XRF, XRD or other instrumental methods or wet chemistry.

Some advantages of using this mill are:

Very fast grinding
Dust free grinding
Uniformly fine grinding
Very low contamination of samples
Maintenance free
Easy to clean
Low capital cost
Long life

Small & compact to fit on a work bench. Head/ Bowls can also be used on the full size Thor Mill. Noise levels are less than 65 dBa. Reduces –1/4” to 325 mesh in 2 minutes.

For small samples, ranging from a few grams to 100 grams, the Mini Thor Mill is compact, easy to use and very quiet.


Above is a photo of the variety of grinding sets available for the Mini Thor mill, however the Chrome Steel is by far the most widely used set. For contaminant control, the Tungsten Carbide grinding set is the most widely used set.


Catalog Number Description
010G-801 Mini Thor Mill, 220 V/1 Ph/60 Hz
010G-801 Mini Thor Mill, 220 V/1 Ph/50 Hz
010G-804 Mini Thor Mill, 380 V/3 Ph/50 Hz
010G-805 Chrome steel grinding set, 40 gram
010G-810 Chrome steel grinding set, 100 gram


Grinding Set Name Material of Construction Recommended Sample Size
Carbon 40 1045 Carbon Steel 10 – 40 grams
Chrome 40 D3 Steel 10 – 40 grams
Chrome 100 D3 Steel 40 – 100 grams
Tungsten Carbide 40 Tungsten Carbide with 9.5% Cobalt 20 – 40 grams
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