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Miller Time

Life & Times of the Gold Industry

Well, it’s storytelling time again, and I got a whopper for you.  An intricate tale of poverty, struggles to make good, successes and plunges into poverty again.  Settle down in your stuffed chair…or more likely skooch your desk chair a little closer to the monitor…....

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The Petroleum Crisis

A couple of years ago, on a rainy Sunday afternoon when I couldn’t play golf, I was scribbling on some paper, thinking of various things, trying to look busy to avoid the Honey-Do list.  I figured out how to determine if the mass of the universe was increasing or...

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The Real Heroes of the Mining Industry

The Real Heroes of the Mining Industry Introspection time. Recently I spent a week or so in the hospital, and came face to face with the frailty of the human organism. I have always prided myself on being a relatively healthy person, and though I may indulge in the...

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What are those OPECkers up to?

Some months ago I wrote one of my pieces on the history of the gold market, and in that article I included a paragraph about the association between oil and gold price. I didn’t understand it then, and don’t really understand it now. I understand that commodities go...

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The Election Game

Over the past few weeks, there has been a smoking hot debate over Hillary Clinton and her private email server utilized while she was Secretary of State. R: What did she say in these emails?  Did she turn all of them over last year? D: Of course she did!  You can...

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