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Merrill-Crowe Plants

50 GPM (300 TPD) M/C Plant


Sepor is the industry leader in small and medium scale (from a few liters per hour to 25 cubic meters per hour or larger) Merrill Crowe process plants.  

The standard configuration of the skid mounted Merrill-Crowe Plant uses canister pre-coat type filters for clarifying and precipitation filters. Plate and frame filters are available for clarifiers or precipitation filter, as an option.  This plant is designed to process clean (<50 ppm TSS), precious metal (PM) bearing cyanide solution. It includes 2 canister type clarifier filters (1 in use/1 standby), a vacuum deaeration vessel complete with packing and spray nozzle, a zinc screw feeder and a zinc precipitation injection system with a progressive cavity VFD controlled pump. All major solution/slurry pumps are air-driven double diaphragm pumps that require compressed air with a minimum pressure of 65 psi (compressor not included).  A rotary vane vacuum pump with a VFD pulls the required vacuum on the deaeration tower to reduce dissolved oxygen levels to below 1 ppm in solution prior to zinc addition.  The system comes with one (1) diatomaceous earth mix tank and pump for clarifier and filter precoat.


Alternatively, the plants can be provided with multiple filter presses sized to meet the need of the plant, whether for clarifier duty (when solution contains high TSS) or for zinc precipitate filtration.  A lead salt addition system is also available as an option.  Finally, if automation is important,  all major solution/slurry pumps can be controlled by flowmeters and level sensors in the deaeration vessel and pressure sensors on the zinc precipitate filters that provide feedback to the pump VFDs. This includes the clarifier feed pump and the zinc filtration feed pump.


Sepor has years of experience in design, construction, installation and operation of these units and is available to discuss with you the unit that will fit your needs. 

Fill out the form providing the Technical Information requested and send to and we will be happy to get back to you rapidly with our recommendations.



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