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Mega Slurry Pump

The Mega Slurry pump is a high-performance, low maintenance slurry pump recommended for coarse or fine particles from solids-laden waste water to aggressive slurries of an abrasive and/or corrosive nature. The capacity of pump is up to160 GPM @ 100 Ft. TDH. The impeller and chamber are made from chromium wear steel alloy to provide exceptional abrasion resistance. Hard metal Mega Slurry Pumps feature a single wall shell and a hub plate of high chrome white iron. These pumps are suitable for high discharge head, mildly corrosive slurries and a wide range of particle sizes. This chrome steel alloy offers excellent wear life along with resistance to chemical corrosion when applied in slurries with pH as low as five.

Horizontal, end suction, modified volute casing pump includes three vane, open design impeller for large solids passage and good wear characteristics over a broad operating range up to 7/8” -2.22 cm solid). The single stage, compact arrangement allows easy maintenance of wet end components. The back pull-out design permits removal of the mechanical end without disturbing the wet end or piping.

Shaft Seal Design

Shaft seal design is governed by the content of solids and the availability of seal water. Two basic configurations include the stuffing box and mechanical seal.

Stuffing Box

Supplied for standard application, the stuffing box requires an external water flush to prevent the solids from entering the sealing area where they would cause accelerated wear.

Mechanical Seal

The Mega mechanical end is designed to minimize shaft deflection and axial movement for optimal mechanical seal performance. Many different mechanical seal designs exist from severe duty, custom types to standard, commonly available seals. The correct type for any given application depends on the nature of the slurry and the system operating conditions



Catalog Number Table Diameter Ship Weight Ship Volume
030A-001 Mega Slurry Pump, 7.5 Hp/3 Ph/230 V/60 Hz 700 Lbs. 32 CuFt
030A-002 Mega Slurry Pump, 7.5 Hp/3 Ph/380 V/50 Hz 700 Lbs. 32 CuFt
030A-004 Add frequency inverter to vary speed and pump output. 10 Lbs. 1 CuFt




A cross section of the Mega Slurry pump, showing parts and components.

Mega Mechanical End

The Mega pump uses a cartridge bearing assembly with integral mounting flanges. This provides accurate alignment with easy maintenance. The bearing housing is a precision machined cast iron cylinder with bolt on end covers. Bearings are mounted on the shaft allowing a single assembly to be installed in the cartridge.


The precision ball bearings used in Mega pumps offer a maximum service life with minimum maintenance. Double ball bearings carry the drive load and hydraulic axial thrust without need of thrust compensating clearing vanes on the impeller. The impeller end radial load is carried by a single row ball bearing. Pump inspection and replacement of the impeller can be performed without removing the suction or discharge piping to minimize pump maintenance time. The entire bearing assembly can be quickly removed from the pump. The rear pull out design permits rapid change to minimize downtime during routine maintenance.

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