Laboratory Wet Low Intensity Drum Magnetic Separator WD

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The Laboratory Wet Low Intensity Drum Magnetic Separator WD (20) 111-15 is used for the recovery or removal of ferromagnetic materials from a mineral slurry. The shaped ceramic magnets are arranged in a pattern of alternating polarity for maximum cleaning efficiency inside the 200mmx150mm (8” x5”) drum. The magnet assembly can be manually rotated into several pre-set positions to suit recovery and product grade objective. This wet drum separator has a capacity range of up to 500 kg per hour (1,100lbs/hr) for particles minus 1.0mm (18 mesh) in size.

The unit’s magnetic drum has variable speed control, all parts that are in contact with the wet slurry are of a corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction, the unit also has an underfed or overfed feedbox (detachable) provided for uniform introduction of slurry from gravity or pumped sources. The unit’s slurry level is adjustable by a simple weir. Nonmagnetic and magnetic products discharge via 25.4mm (1”) outlets with flexible tubing.

The equipment can separate concentrations of magnetite or ferrosilicon from heavy media or other mineral slurries as well as the removal of ferromagnetic material (grinding iron, magnetite etc…).

Catalog Number Description Dimensions (in.) Ship Weight
060H-005 115v/1/50-60Hz 30 x 24 x 38 165
060H-006 230v/1/50-60Hz 30 x 24 x 38 165
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