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Laboratory Muffle Furnace


• Drying and firing of coatings.
• Heat treating ceramics and tiles.
• Drying and firing decorations on glass.
• Heat treating glass.
• Ignition tests.
• Gravimetric analysis.


• Oval-shaped heating element is directly embedded in ceramic fiber insulation for even heat distribution throughout chamber.
• Ventilation port in top of furnace permits venting of some corrosive vapors and smoke from the chamber.
• Fluorescent digital display permits easy viewing of set point and chamber temperature in C and F.
• Adjustable Over temperature Protection (OTP) setting protects furnace or chamber loads from excess heat.
• Self-tuning function allows the control to adjust or “tune” itself for superior temperature accuracy
• For safety, the door switch cuts power to the heating elements when the door is opened.
• Thermocouple break protection cuts power to the heating elements, prevents thermocouple failure and runaway condition.


Model Operating Temps Chamber Dimensions Overall Dimensions Shipping Weight
F47900 C 100 – 1200 6″(D) x 4”(H) x 5”(W) 22″(D) x 18.5”(H) x 11.3”(W) 41 Lbs

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