Laboratory Electrostatic Separator Model EHTP (25) 111-15

310 830 6601
Fax: 310 830 9336


High-tension electrostatic separators utilize the difference in surface conductivity, surface charge and shape factors of particles to achieve separation. In general, this technique is used for conductor and non-conductor separation.

The separator has a particle feed range from 0.074mm to 10mm and a treatment capacity of up to 150kg per hour. The vibratory tray and hopper have a variable speed control for coarser particles and a positive velocity feed chute and hopper with vibrator for finer particles. 2 interchangeable stainless steel rolls; 10” and 14” diameter by 6” wide are standard.  It has a variable roll speed with ¼ hp direct drive motor. The unit has 2 D.C. electrodes, one pinning and one static, 40kV and 1 A.C. discharging electrode, 18kV. The unit’s hopper has 2 adjustable splitters for collection of nonconductor, middling’s and conductor products. The high voltage A.C. transformer and control is adjustable up to 12,000 VAC. The unit’s tension grounded roll brush for particle removal is adjustable and it has infrared roll heating capability.

OPTION: Roll around base cabinet.

Catalog Number Description Dimensions (in.) Ship Weight
060K-001 115v/1/50-60Hz 66x38x71 1,272 lbs.
060K-002 230v/1/50-60Hz 66x38x71 1,272 lbs.
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