Laboratory Batch Vacuum Filter

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Sepor’s laboratory bench top batch vacuum filter is ideal for dewatering slurries, allows cake washing, and is easy to use and clean. The filter consists of a rubberized base with a elevated drain channel, covered with a 10 mesh stainless steel screen, a 1/4″ NPT drain pipe, two hand lug attachments for holding the 10 inch diameter by 6 inch height steel cylinder body firmly in place, a package of 100 each , high wet strength filter papers and one filter cloth with 25 micron pore openings. The filter will hold up to 2 gallons of slurry.

To use the batch vacuum filter, the filter drain is connected to a filtrate receiver, such as the 2,000 cc plastic filtrate receiver, and a vacuum pump, such as the ones illustrated below, or a vacuum source is connected to the filtrate receiver. A wetted piece of filter paper is placed on the screened base and the upper cylinder is quickly clamped into place. The vacuum is connected and turned on, and the slurry is poured into the batch vacuum filter. Dewatering is usually rapid, with the filter time depending upon the capacity of the vacuum pump used, and the characteristics of the material being filtered.

Catalog Number Description
070C-001 Batch Vacuum Filter With Rubberized Base, Mild Steel Body, Drain
070C-002 Batch Vacuum Filter With Rubberized Base, Rubberized Body, SS Drain
070C-003 12″ diameter filter cloth
070C-004 12″ diameter, Extra Package of 100 High Wet Strength Filter Paper
070C-006 2,000 CC Plastic Filtrate Receiver
070C-007 Batch Vacuum Filter With Rubberized Base, Stainless Steel, Drain
030F-023 Rotary Vane Pump capable of 4.5 CFM