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Lab Plate & Frame Filter Press, 8 inch

8″ Filter Press

This 8 inch laboratory plate and frame filter press provides 0.19 cubic feet of filter cake capacity and 1.7 square feet of filtration area. It has a  316 SS square design framework rated at 100 psi, polypropylene flush head filter plate, polypropylene flush tail plate with 5 polypropylene intermediate plates forming 6 ample cake chambers.  It also has cake wash water and air dry inlets.  The closing system consists of a hard chrome plate steel screw spindle, a hard chrome plated bronze spindle nut and a stainless steel hand wheel. For HCI applications, the press can be made with all contact parts polypropylene.  The unit is designed for test filtrations in the lab or on mobile trailer mounted locations. The Lab Press can determine the flow data for constant rate or constant pressure filtrations. Results obtained from using this lab scale filter can be scaled up to size production size filter presses.

The lab plate and frame press may be used for cake recovery, low solids recovery from precipitations (such as Merrill-Crowe Process), or clarification.

The filter press requires a feed pump that will pump at least 0-2 GPM of slurry against at least 60 PSI head.

4″ Filter Press

Sepor can also offer a smaller filter press that has 4″ square plates made of polypropylene.  The unit has 2 plates forming 3 cake chambers with a total capacity of approximately 0.5 L.  It comes mounted on a base and includes a 1/4″ air driven diaphragm feed pump.  All valving, gauges and piping are included as well as a discharge container that fits under the filter to assist with cleanup of cake.    Contact for more information on this new product.

Catalog Number Description Ship Weight
070B-100 Laboratory plate and frame filter press, 8 inch 150 lbs
070B-106 Set of 20 micron polypropylene filter cloth cut to fit plates 5 lbs

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