Lab Plate & Frame
Filter Press, 8 inch


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8 inch laboratory plate and frame filter press, providing 0.19 cubic feet of filter cake capacity, 1.7 square feet of filtration area, for a feed rate of 0.8 to 1.7 GPM, Includes 316 SS square design framework rated at 100 psi, polypropylene flush head frame, polypropylene flush tail frame, 6 chambers, 316 stainless steel head connections with tri-clamp fillings, consisting of top corner feed, bottom filtrate outlet, top and bottom corner wash/air inlet and filtrate outlets, closing system consisting of a hard chrome plate steel screw spindle, a hard chrome plated bronze spindle nut and stainless steel hand wheel. For HCI applications, the press can be made with all contact parts polypropylene. The 8 Inch Lab Size Plate and Frame Filter Press is a compact, precision built, small filter press with plates and frames 8 inch square. The unit is designed for test filtrations in the lab or on mobile trailer mounted locations. The Lab Press can determine the flow data for constant rate or constant pressure filtrations. Results obtained from using this lab scale filter can be scaled up to size production size filter presses.

The lab plate and frame press may be used for cake recovery, low solids recovery from precipitations (such as Merrill-Crowe Process), or clarification. The plates are designed to accommodate cake washing, if required.

The filter press requires a feed pump that will pump 0-2 GPM of slurry against at least 60 PSI head.

Operating instructions for Lab Plate and Frame Filter Press:

1. Wear all required safety gear, and any other appropriate to the area, including eye, ear, head, body, foot, and hand protection.
2. Insure press and plates are completely clean and free of cake or other contaminate.
3. Each plate and frame is marked with indicator dimples on one side to indicate the active port. 1 dimple indicates a #1B plate in which the port at the bottom right is active. 2 dimples indicate #2B is a frame with the active port at the upper right. 3 dimples indicate #3B is a plate with the left upper and lower ports active. When the plates and frames are installed in the press all dimples are on the right side of the filter press.
4. Insure each plate and frame is correctly oriented in press: 1B Head, 2B frame, 3B intermediate, 2B frame, 1B intermediate, 2B frame, 3B Tail, etc.
5. Install valve #1 on top right press inlet – 2B port
6. Install valve on # 2 bottom right press outlet – 1B port
7. Install valves on opposite side top outlet #3 and bottom outlet #4 – 3B ports
8. Install new (or adequately cleaned) drape-over filter cloth / media selected for the specific application.
Note: Latex edged cloth will minimize wicking and leakage
9. Connect feed pump outlet line to top right valve # 1 press feed inlet connection.
10. Connect compressed air line regulated to ~ 40 PSI to top left valve # 3 press outlet.
11. Connect filtrate discharge lines individually or manifold together from bottom valved outlets # 2 and # 4 to filtrate collection receptacle / tank.
12. Insure that press is closed and under appropriate clamping pressure on the plates and frames.
13. If press is to be pre-coated, see procedure on Page 2, if not proceed to line 14.
14. Open valves # 1, # 2, and # 4.
15. Close valve # 3.
16. Start feed pump, fill and pack press.
17. Stop feed pump, close valve # 1.
18. Open valve # 3 and air blow cake until filtrate from both bottom discharge ports stops.
19. Close valve # 3, open press and discharge cake.
20. Clean plates and cloth, close press and return to step 11 above for next press cycle..

Note: If the chamber/frame is not full of cake at the end of the filtration cycle using this procedure, (top of chamber blinded) convert outlet # 3 from a compressed air inlet to a filtrate outlet in step #10. It may then be prudent to install a tee with two valves on that outlet, and use one for the air blow inlet and the other for a filtrate outlet.

Catalog Number Description Ship Weight
070B-100 Laboratory plate and frame filter press, 8 inch 150 lbs
070B-106 Set of 20 micron polypropylene filter cloth cut to fit plates 5 lbs