Lab Ovens, Mid Size,
AA – AG, 500-1250 °F

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Front-to-back horizontal air flow accommodates virtually any oven loading without restricting air passage. Work can be shelf loaded or placed directly on the optional reinforced work space bottom. Four sizes from 8 to 36 cubic feet. Designed for baking, drying, preheating or any other application where a dependable source of heated air up to 850°F is required.

Standard Features

Standard Universal Ovens meet the Requirements of National Fire Protection Association Standard 86, Industrial Risk Insurers, Factory Mutual and OSHA standards. For some applications, such as those involving flammable solvents or hazardous locations, the above organizations require additional safety devices.


Digital, microprocessor based, thermocouple actuated, indicating temperature controller
Motor control push buttons
On-off heat switch
Easy-to-see pilot lights

Safety Equipment

Adjustable, thermocouple actuated, manual reset excess temperature controller
Separate heating element control contactors
Re-circulating blower air flow safety switch


Front-to-back horizontal air flow
304 stainless steel interior
Aluminized steel exterior with enamel finish
Brushed stainless steel control panel face
Explosion venting latches
All welded construction
10 lbs/cf density industrial rock wool insulation
Built-in baffles prevent radiant heat
Silicone rubber door gasket on 500°F models only
High temperature door gasket with stainless steel spring insert on 650°F and 850°F models Two (2) nickel plated wire shelves
Channel shelf supports prevent shelves tipping
Adjustable fresh air intake and exhaust dampers
High pressure re-circulating blower
1 year limited warranty


Ovens, AA - AG, 500 - 1250 Deg

208 volts, 3-phase, 60 Hz
230 volts, 3-phase, 60 Hz
460 volts, 3-phase, 60 Hz

Other electrical characteristics available

Each features completely wired, top access UL listed control panel enclosing terminals for incoming power, temperature controllers, push buttons and pilot lights. Motor starter and heating element contactors electrically interlocked to shut off heaters if power to blower is interrupted and to permit operation of blower without heat for cool- ing. Alloy wire heating elements on 500°Fmodels; Incoloy sheathed tubular heating elements on 650°F and 850°F models. Exhaust outlet 4″ diameter.

Two (2) reinforced 100 lbs uniformly distributed load capacity, nickel plated wire shelves; 304 stainless steel interior with carbon steel blower and plated hardware. Trilite Green enamel painted aluminized steel exterior.

AA and AF Series

Provides 8 cubic feet and 12 cubic feet of work space respectively. The AF Series is 12″ deeper than the AA Series to handle more or longer parts. Temperature ranges to 500°F, 650°F and 850°F. Accommodates Seven (7) shelves on 3″ centers.

AB and AG Series

Our larger Universal ovens with work space of 27 cubic feet and 36 cubic feet, respectively. The AG Series is 12″ deeper than theAB Series, to accommodate longer parts and bigger batches. Temperature ranges to 500°F, 650°F and 850°F.

Accommodates five (5) shelves on 6″ centers.

Catalog Number Model
090C-001 AA-500
090C-002 AA-650
090C-003 AA-850
090C-006 AF-500
090C-007 AF-650
090C-008 AF-850
090C-011 AB-500
090C-012 AB-650
090C-013 AB-850
090C-016 AG-500
090C-017 AG-650
090C-018 AG-850
Capacity HP Outlet Diameter Height
80 CFM 1/8 4″ 16″
130 CFM 1/3 4″ 20″
325 CFM 1/3 6″ 23″

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