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Laboratory Leach Columns

Sepor manufactures two sizes of single Laboratory Leach Columns for leach testing of ores, constructed of PVC and stainless steel. It has a stainless steel solution tank, with a sample point, valves and variable speed pump to easily regulate the solution flow. All hose, piping, valves and column are constructed of PVC. It was designed with the idea of making it easy to use, and functional for testing the leachability of ores for possible heap leach recovery of metals. The 6 inch diameter column system is suitable for leach testing on ore sized 1/2 inch and finer, while the 10 inch diameter column system is suitable for ore sized 2 inches and finer, both columns are equipped with Stainless Steel handles to assist in removing the column.

Product Description:

Laboratory leach testing procedures include the studies of dissolving metal ions, with a acid, base, cyanide, or other chemicals. The leach column simulates the effects of heap leaching of an ore in a controlled environment, making data collection quick and easy. The 6”diameter by 72” in height column and 10” diameter by 79” in height leach columns are constructed of PVC , and the solution reservoir is constructed of stainless steel. A 10 mesh stainless steel screen covers the drain plate to prevent fine grained material from plugging the recirculation pump. The stainless steel drainage plate also serves to support the column of rocks. A peristaltic pump is used to re-circulate the leach solution. 



Catalog No. Description Ship Weight
050T-100 Lab Column Leach, 6 Inch Column, 110 V/1 Ph/60 Hz or 220 V/1 Ph/50 Hz 200 Lbs.
050T-205 Lab Column Leach, 10 Inch Column, 110 V/1 Ph/60 Hz or 220 V/1 Ph/50 Hz 450 Lbs.



Sepor can also offer our clients a multi-column leach apparatus that is built to the customers specification.  Sepor uses the same 6″ or 10″ diameter clear PVC column material with solution fed either via individual peristaltic pumps, or with a common, multi-head pump.  Alternately, Sepor can provide a constant head tank mounted on the top of the column to allow operators the ability to gravity feed solution to the columns at their selected leach rates.  The multi-column leach apparatus is made of mild steel angle iron, with a bench covered with expanded metal mesh.  Collection buckets are provided that fit into wells beside each column.  The back of the apparatus alternates with melamine white board and pegboard, allowing operators to make notes and hang tools or clipboards for convenience.  An electric assist winch is attached to a track at the top of the column rack to assist with raising and lowering loaded columns.

Contact Sepor at if you are interested in finding out more about the multi column leach apparatus.  

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